Today’s blog comes from a beautifully restored and deftly converted old dairy shed, now a jaw-dropping property in Glastonbury, Somerset. It features a hand crafted oak kitchen with two brand new bespoke glass splashbacks, both of which have a lot of thought put into them!

Speaking of thought, what we loved most about the house is the dedication and detail that went into creating it. The couple who owned it went to great lengths in order to specifically source every single thing and make sure the end result was just right. Everything was exactly the way they wanted it. They came to us because of our ability to create large pieces of fused glass art, which is something of a speciality of ours! We were more than happy to oblige, of course; seeing as the house already looked stunning, we knew that the addition of fused glass into the space would be the perfect cherry on top.

About the first splashback, then! The couple had a deep rooted connection to the Rocky Mountains, specifically referring to the northern stretches of the mountain range in Canada, and so they wanted one of the splashbacks to reflect this. The piece above the AGA cooker adopted this design, bursting outwards in a deep blaze of colour. You should be able to see the snow capped peaks of the Rockies standing out against the background, with a vividly abstract field below.

Lisa made sure that the look of the art was not too realistic, and that the final effect looked like a painting done in glass. You won’t be able to tell from the photos, but the piece features glass on the surface to give a real sense of depth as each element cascades through the multiple layers involved.

The second splashback relates to the couple’s love of aspen trees which, relating back to the famous North American mountains, can be found at the base of the Rockies. As trees go, it’s one of the most distinctive types there is, with its silver toned bark and thin trunk making for a pretty iconic sight. Lisa utilised this to create a highly artistic piece which evoked the image of journeying through an aspen forest, making use of powerful monochrome shades of grey and silver to bring everything to life. The end result is a very luxurious piece with a beautifully minimalist touch, and a perfect fit for the space it occupies.

While we were fitting the pieces, we had a little helper in the form of our black Labrador Finn, who was happy to make himself at home in the kitchen.

The two pieces make for a perfect mirror match. They’re total opposites of each other visually, yet they share a common theme. We absolutely adore the way they turned out! The glass really does speak for itself, however, so make sure you check out the full gallery of images from this property here in our portfolio!

If you also love the way that this gorgeous fused glass art makes a splash in this equally stunning kitchen, then chances are The House of Ugly Fish has got something perfect for you. Our bespoke glass splashbacks have found a place in homes all across the country and beyond, and each time the result has been something unique and jaw dropping. With regards to having your own ideal glass pieces brought to life, you can get in touch via email or by simply picking up the phone and giving us a call – whichever suits you best. We look forward to hearing from you!