Now here’s a unique piece for you to feast your eyes upon! This fused glass art splashback and its surrounding complementary pieces very recently found a home in a kitchen in Worcester, so naturally it had to find its way to our blog as well.

The central splashback is much taller than the average one we make, so it was a real treat to work on a design that incorporated the vertical aspect to great effect. There’s much to be said about the design of the piece and its surroundings! With deep blue hues creating the deep waters of the sea, the sky and the surf, the piece creates a beautiful scene that rises high in the centre of the kitchen and continues around the kitchen in a particularly stunning way. Earthen brown hues in a huge variety of tones and shades create the shore, with yellow and green accents providing a hint of life throughout.

The colours combine to bring a very natural theme to the space, and we love the way that the glass looks like a window into another place entirely. The customer was over the moon with it, too, so we could call it a job well done and get started on the next piece.

Next time we wrap up a job, that next piece we’re talking about could very well be destined for your home. All we need to know is what space you’re looking to decorate and what your ideal piece of glass looks like, and we’ll be able to get started.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the very best fused glass art on the market today, then The House of Ugly Fish is the only choice you should make. Whether you’re looking to dress up your kitchen and make the space behind your cooker shine, or you’d prefer to bring fused glass art to another room in the house, let us know all about your best ideas and we may just be making them a reality soon. The only limit is your imagination, so pick up the phone or drop us an email to get the ball rolling today!