This panel was created for one of our clients in Ayr, Scotland. It was made as a triptych to be used as wall art, and even now it definitely stands out as one of our most visually exciting bespoke fused glass art designs to date.

With reds, greens, blues and yellows blending together seamlessly to make something forever relevant, we think that this piece really could bring that certain flair to just about any room it gets put in. Where it sits in the photograph above, however, is pretty perfect! You can see how the uniquely vivid touch of fused glass art vitalises this otherwise neutral space. The hallway at the time was a little bit bare, and it definitely looks better as a result. What’s more, we were very glad to have the chance to make this piece for the client, as it proved to be a very rewarding experience and an absolute pleasure to view once put in place.

Most importantly, however, what do you think? If you like what you see, then you’ll no doubt be happy to know that a piece of bespoke glass personalised just for you is only a phone call or email away from being fully realised and brought to life.

In other words, iff you’re looking for the very finest bespoke fused glass art money can buy, then you’ve certainly arrived at the right place. Here at The House of Ugly Fish, our aim is to deliver incredible glass art that complements your home better than any traditional decoration. Make sure you don’t wait to get in contact as soon as you can, either by phone or email. You can always feel free to ask all the questions and queries you might have, and you’re more than welcome to have a chat all about what you need and how the work we do may just be perfect for you.