This gorgeous and completely bespoke fused glass kitchen splashback was created for a client in Lyme Regis, Dorset. It features a splendid and highly diverse palette of colours, including serene blues for the sky and water, and warm orange accents that create a beautiful horizon. If you look closely, you can see sailing boats making their way across the water. On one of the side panels you can see a crab, which the client requested as a personal feature to be included in the design. We were more than happy to oblige, as it wouldn’t be truly special bespoke glass art without an extra bit of personalisation!

Bespoke Fused Glass Kitchen Splashback 2 Before
Take a look at the beautiful kitchen without the panel, and you’ll be able to see what a huge difference the glass made.

In total, the panel measures 2.3 metres by 1 metre, making this a pretty grand affair that leaves an impression due to its size even before you even take in the design. We’ve included before and after pictures so you can really experience what it must have been like to walk in and see the piece for the very first time. What do you think overall? Is it a winner in your books? You can always have one just like it created for your very own home, or something different if you’re feeling inspired to go a different route with your own piece.

Here at The House of Ugly Fish, we’d love nothing more than to have the chance to create another bespoke fused glass kitchen splashback just like this one! Make sure you don’t wait to get in touch as soon as you can! As always, our full details can be found right here on our website. Feel free to pick up the phone or drop us an email any time you like, and we’ll answer all of your questions and queries. Hopefully, we’ll be delivering the perfect piece of glass to your doorstep before you know it!