Spring is definitely a season for art inspiration. It may be a little tumultuous in terms of weather, and just a little bit wet when it rolls around here in Britain, but it makes for some unforgettable sights that never happen otherwise. We were recently in North Yorkshire, for example, and whilst we were there we saw that the bluebells were in season, so we just had to take some images perhaps even for a future fused glass art design. You can find one of those images attached to this blog, of course!

We recently saw the first day of summer, however, which means that spring is behind us and we’re now safely moving forwards towards beautiful weather, sunshine and scenery that’s sure to inspire. It should go without saying that we’re also big fans of summer here at The House of Ugly Fish, with so many vibrant colours on show and bright days that make any open area look picture perfect, and you can bet that there’s a whole world of fused glass art inspiration to be gleamed by this new season.

Our talented fused glass artist Lisa is already getting to work thinking of brand new designs and drawing inspiration from the summer scenes cropping up across the country, and she’s feeling especially inspired by the sunshine overhead because of how incredible our glass can be when paired up with lights. Maybe it’s the perfect time to invest in a fused glass art window to see exactly what we mean? Give us a call sometime!

If you’re looking to get your hands on the perfect fused glass art to suit summer, or you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to the subtler beauty of spring just yet, why not grab yourself a seasonally inspired piece from The House of Ugly Fish? Whether you’re in the market for wall art, a splashback or even something like a fruit bowl, we really do have it all here. Just get in contact!