Now located in a beautiful home in Ormskirk, these two beautifully bespoke glass wall art panels make a lovely sight, don’t you think? Set against recesses in the wall and independently illuminated, the fiery colours on display inject a very neutral space with heaps of excitement. You may have seen one of these pieces before, however, and that’s because one of the two panels is an older work of ours.

The customers in question had already ordered themselves a stunning Dalaman design to go on the wall, which is one of the pieces you can see pictured above at the top of the blog. They weren’t just happy with the one, however, and decided that a pair was the way to go. Lisa created the second piece to go along with it, utilising multiple references to recreate the look and style of the original. It had been a little while, after all!

The design of both fused glass art panels features a vertically oriented Dalaman design, with a central spine running from top to bottom. Not only does the spine provide a dark line of contrast that helps the piece look more dynamic, but it also acts as the backbone for the design along which all of the horizontal elements are placed.

We adore the end result, as the two pieces make a perfect pair! We’re not sure we can tell which piece was the one that the customer already had, especially after seeing the two panels together. They really work together to add a huge splash of colour to the room, and they’re sure to be grabbing a lot of positive attention from friends, family and guests alike.

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