Don’t let the title fool you, as there’s nothing to feel angry about here! Instead, we think these works of art will positively brighten up your day! Home to not one, but three beautiful pieces of fused glass art, this client’s house is an absolute treat of a feature for anyone who’s a fan of our work. Take a look for yourself and see! You’re bound to find something perfect for inspiring your very own pieces.

Bespoke Fused Glass Art Red WaveThe first piece in the property is a very warm looking dalaman splashback that absolutely exudes beauty. It’s a classic design of ours with a modern twist, incorporating burning red hues and orange shades as primary colours. Accents of black really help to complete the look of the piece and add a welcome helping of contrast. You can see it at the top of this blog post, and it should be instantly obvious how it works to bring out a fiery passion in the kitchen. We only hope that the dishes coming out of it are every bit as exciting!

The other two pieces on the wall work to complement the main splashback, created with matching colours that complement their surroundings and draw all the right kinds of attention. They’re sculpted wave designs, displaying beautiful lines that curve with the actual shape of the glass itself. The effect, as you can see, is one that’s not to be missed! Fortunately, with the one of a kind beauty proudly displayed like this, we don’t think any visitors to the home will easily miss the fused glass art on show.

If a bold and incredibly vivid injection of colour like this is exactly what your home needs, then there’s absolutely no reason not to pick up the phone and get in touch with The House of Ugly Fish as soon as you can. Feel free to email us instead, if that’s your preferred method of contact; you’ll be getting a stunning piece of bespoke fused glass art either way! We can’t wait to hear from you.