Passing through Norwich is always a pleasure, especially when we’re there to fit a piece of fused glass art and see the smiles on the faces of a couple of clients. We’ve done a lot of work that’s ended up there, and so when we were looking through our portfolio for another piece to feature, this one jumped right out. The scenic location isn’t the only reason we remembered it, however. This particular Tree of Life is extra special.

There are countless details to be found in this gorgeous design. The client wanted many depictions of her family to be included in the final piece, making full use of the fact that our bespoke fused glass art can be fully personalised. We’ll walk you through them, so keep the attached picture handy!

The bee in the glass, buzzing busily around on the left of the tree, represents the client herself and her busy nature when looking after her family. On the tree, there’s a climbing rose that symbolises her husband and his great affinity for the flower. If you look even closer, you’ll be able to see two rabbits and the family dog, Jazz, where the two rabbits represent her daughter and her son-in-law. Perhaps the most beautiful thing about this particular piece of bespoke art, however, is the pink dove nestled within the branches of the tree, and perched at the forefront of the piece. It represents her lost son, who loved pink, so the bird of course was created in that particular colour.

Working on this piece was both a pleasure and an honour. We’re always ready to create something truly special and personal, so why not come and let us know what your perfect piece of fused glass art looks like?

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