This fused glass art panel was created for a customer of ours in Newton Mearns, based on a piece of fabric art done by Christine McKenzie. It features gorgeous pastel colours, muted blues, purples and creamy yellows to complement the very light tones in the kitchen, and we think that the soft lines of the piece really help give the whole space a welcoming atmosphere. The design depicts the picturesque town of Eaglesham in the midst of winter, and if you look closely you can see many people of the town walking around in the snow and making the most of the weather!

Those subtle details are what fused glass art is all about, and you’ll always have a full say in what kinds of details make their way onto your very own piece. That’s why we strive to ensure our work can always be created in a way that’s bespoke and definitely unique.

We excel when it comes to creating beautiful pieces that replicate certain colours or textures. In many cases, we’ve even had clients send in colour samples or fabric samples for us to work with. It’s very easy to create something which complements the décor when we’ve got a piece of it in our hands, after all! You could do the same for your very own fused glass art, so if that sounds tempting, why not brighten up your Mondays forever with your very own piece?

Our fused glass art has been making houses into homes for a long time now. We’ll be more than happy to create something special just for you,  and it’s guaranteed to be something that puts a smile on your face every time you see it. Don’t wait to get in touch as soon as you can, and let us know all about your perfect fused glass art. Our contact details can be found here on our website!