When decorating a home or one particular room, people tend to focus their attention on things like wallpaper, paint colour, carpets and big furniture such as sofas and tables. However, one part of the decorating process that is vital yet sometimes completely overlooked is lighting.

Lighting is an integral part of any décor as it can completely change the mood, ambience and look of a space. With clever lighting techniques you can make a small space look bigger and conversely you can create a cosy atmosphere in a large space.

Fused Glass Art

Here at House of Ugly Fish, we have beautiful fused glass lighting for you to create your own intimate and snug environment – no matter what the room. When creating our fused glass lighting we use the same techniques that we do with our fused glass art designs to produce a partly translucent cylinder that comes alive when lit.

We have fused glass lighting available to purchase or alternatively, you can choose to commission a bespoke piece that complements your existing décor. We’ve found that grouping a few of our fused glass lighting pieces together on a side table or shelving unit creates a really intimate and warm environment and mixing up the designs allows for a real striking effect.

Don’t forget about lighting when it comes to your home décor. Have a look at our fused glass lighting and fused glass art designs for inspiration for your own home!