Ordered by one of our clients who owned a bed and breakfast, creating this piece of fused glass art was definitely a rewarding experience. When we saw the end result finalised and fused coming out of our kiln, we were over the moon! The fully bespoke design is one of the client’s own choosing, of course. They decided on a skyline of London set against the water to be made for their kitchen splashback, which turned out to be a fantastic idea! Featuring the colours of the kitchen, as well as some contrasting greens and blues, we think that the panel looks absolutely stunning after having been fully installed. It really is a gorgeous panel, making for a  great sight to see. It almost feels like looking out of a window! What do you think?

There’s a huge variety of pieces in our showroom, and tons to find in our sale section, but there’s an infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to the fully bespoke fused glass art we’re specialised in creating. Whether you want a piece that looks just like the one featured in this blog, or you have your very own ideas for the ideal design, we can guarantee you something special.

After all, we’ve had a hand in creating some of the most incredibly diverse fused glass art, so we mean it when we say that there’s truly something for everyone here at The House of Ugly Fish. With our fully bespoke process we know exactly how to bring your perfect pieces of glass to life. The only thing we ever need is for you to tell us what they look like! Make sure you don’t wait to get in contact as soon as you can if what we have to offer is the perfect thing for you! Our full details are right here on our website, and you can enquire by way of email or phone call.