An estate and marina in equal parts, Port Solent is an absolutely stunning location with inhabitants that have long loved the sea and everything about coastal living. When we got ourselves an order from a client who lived there, it only made sense that it’d be for a kitchen splashback featuring a very appropriate wave design! Being so close to the marina must have inspired the idea behind the design, of course, as it’s such fantastic inspiration for our fused glass art artwork to begin with. Head down yourself if you ever have the chance, and you’re sure to see a myriad of sights and interesting happenings.

As for the glass itself, we were more than happy to bring the bespoke piece to life for the client. The design made full use of a variety of shades and bold shapes, but the colour choice as you can see was primarily monochromatic. That was incredibly intentional of course, as it helped to create a very strong theme within the kitchen and matched the décor perfectly. The glass looked gorgeous when put in place; we can only hope it’s still there attracting all the right kinds of attention!

We absolutely love Port Solent and the Hampshire area, but we rarely ever have the chance to go down. Naturally, then, we were very happy when we got the call to create the glass – and the opportunity to deliver it! We thank the client for allowing us to see their beautiful home, too. If anyone else needs some bespoke glass art in Hampshire, we’ll be glad to return.

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