When you look at the image above, what is it that stands out for you? Do you immediately notice the splash of colour added to the kitchen by the splashback, or the way in which all the decoration matches to create a theme? From the handles of the cutlery to the splashback itself and the surface of the countertop, this kitchen is just absolutely perfect for this colourful design, and we thought it’d make a great feature to hopefully add some colour to your Monday. It might just inspire your own ideas for bespoke glass splashbacks as well!

This piece features multiple colours which run vertically down the fused glass, but they all come together to make a very bold statement against the otherwise neutral décor. Bespoke glass splashbacks like this one are perfect for doing that, especially if you’ve opted for a very modern or minimal look for your kitchen.

And when we say bespoke, we really mean it. When you come to us for a piece of glass,you have full input as to how it will look, not just a small choice of colours as you might expect with solid colour glass splashbacks or other options. You could even browse through our portfolio of completed work for inspiration or to get a good idea of what’s possible in fused glass and decide on what you’d like based on that, as we’ve certainly got a tremendous variety in there. In the end, it really is all up to you!

When you then factor in our ability to deliver nationwide, it shouldn’t be too hard to tell why so many people put The House of Ugly Fish at the top of their lists. We’ve got our own list, one of satisfied customers and clients alike, so why not come and add yourself to it?

Make sure you don’t wait to get in contact, as we have all manner of bespoke glass splashbacks just waiting to find a place in your home as soon as possible! Our team can always provide the answers to your questions and queries, too, so it pays to come and have a chat about your perfect piece of glass and how we can make it a reality.