This beautiful fused glass art panel is the latest in a long line of glass splashbacks by The House of Ugly Fish, this time touching down nearby in Chadderton, Greater Manchester. The kitchen was beautifully decorated in a traditional style and was the centrepiece of a very arts and crafts house. The customer in question modernised their house sympathetic to that look and wanted a piece of fused glass art to suit the choice of direction.

The design of the piece was created in the style of a William Morris fabric that the customer was using for the soft furnishings. This helped to create a panel that both complemented and created a theme in the kitchen. It has a soft blue-grey background that forms a solid base for the rest of the design. From there, an array of beautiful flowers rise from below to fill the panel with life, with soft ochres, pinks, reds, greens and a finishing touch of teal

You may have noticed that this piece fits into a very difficult space indeed. Not only is the alcove arched at the top, making a straight panel impossible, but there’s a pipe that the glass needed to work around. Fortunately, our bespoke glass art isn’t just personalised when it comes to the design of the piece, but also the shape, size and dimensions. We were able to make something that fit perfectly in the space given, and we could do the same behind your cooker, too!

If you’re in love with the way that this panel fits in with the kitchen, or you have a similarly unique space that one of our bespoke glass splashbacks could fit into perfectly, make sure you don’t hesitate to get in touch with The House of Ugly Fish. You can reach us via email or by picking up the phone. Our friendly team will always be happy to discuss how our work could work best for you. Plus, if you’re local to the area, as this customer was, you can come on down to our showroom!