You may have seen glass splashbacks before, but we guarantee that our fused glass art stands apart from the rest. Where traditional coloured glass splashbacks utilise a single colour, our own work presents an entire world of detail beyond just the base colour. Now there’s nothing wrong with simplicity, and needless to say we definitely appreciate a little minimalism when it’s needed, but just one look at even the simplest piece of our fused glass art can tell you how much we can do with the most basic design.

A large part of why fused glass is naturally interesting and so visually stunning is the way in which it is created. The fusing process that takes place while the glass is in the kiln traps air bubbles of all shapes and sizes, ranging from the tiniest of little details all the way to large raised bumps that really add a sense of texture you can reach out and touch. Our clients agree, the bubbles go a huge way towards guaranteeing no two pieces are ever the same, even when you’ve stripped back the design to its very basics!

If you’re looking for absolutely gorgeous works of art that are handmade and personalised just for you, then our bespoke fused glass art is sure to take your fancy like nothing else. Take a look through our full portfolio of work, and get inspired! You’re sure to see something that captures your imagination and gives you plenty of ideas for your very own glass, or you may even spot a piece that you love so much that you want one just like it. Whatever you want, we here at The House of Ugly Fish are here to make sure your ideal decoration becomes a very real piece of art that’ll keep your home looking sharp for a long time to come.

Our full portfolio of bespoke fused glass art can be found right here on our website, along with our contact details. Drop us an email, or reach us by picking up the phone today to have a chat. It’s as simple as that!