This rather impressive fused glass installation found a beautiful home in Frinton-on-Sea, Essex, and we’re quite proud of it! It’s always challenging to work on such a large scale, needless to say, but with challenge comes great reward. When all was said and done, the customer was as pleased as punch to receive it. We just knew that we’d have to write something on our blog and put this fused glass art online for all to see!

So, about the work itself. With a strong blue shade perfect for the coastal town in which it now resides, the design of the glass was created to make full use of the overall size of the installation. A variety of hues make their way throughout the piece, with strong brush strokes reminiscent of a painting and a whole myriad of complementary green colours. Squares of all shapes and sizes dominate the design, adding layer upon layer of detail that definitely needs more than one viewing to fully inspect.

Fused Glass Art Online Blog Image
The view from above definitely gives you a great sense of scale and how well the pieces match each other!

The installation when assembled measures 3.6 metres in height, and 1 metre in width, making it a truly grand work of art. It was too large to be created as a single piece of glass, so instead the whole work was comprised of six separate panels shaped like waves and made to match each other. We think there’s a unique beauty to how well each piece matches up to the others around it, and the spacing of the pieces only adds to that effect. It’s great to see how the design continues across each gap to form one large image.

On the other side of the room, there’s another smaller set of matching glass pieces measuring just 100 cm by 60 cm, ensuring that there’s a real theme to the décor. You can see how well that effect works in the picture at the top of this post!

There’s really nothing we love more than seeing a grand fused glass art installation come together in a customer’s home, even if it’s something as simple as a splashback with an upstand or a matching set of panels decorating a wall. This particular project was obviously a lot more than just that, but it’s a fantastic example of what our fused glass can do.

If reading this has made you feel a little inspired to search for fused glass art online, then look no further. We’re happy to say that your very own bespoke piece, or matching set of pieces, could look every bit as grand!

If you feel as if The House of Ugly Fish can provide you with what you need, then why not get in touch as soon as you can? Our contact details can be found right here on our website, and there’s simply nowhere better to buy fused glass art online. You can always come down to our showroom, too, where we’ll be able to show you just how stunning our glass looks in person.