This bespoke fused glass art splashback was created for a client of ours in Sandbach, and it’s definitely one of our favourite designs to date. It’s as expressive as it is beautiful, utilising neutral colours and washed out tones to create a very subtle and realistic alternate take on our Tree of Life design.

Fused Glass Art Sandbach Full View
A full view of the splashback installed in place. We think it makes for a beautiful addition to the home!

It’s not exactly wildly colourful, but we feel it captures beauty in a very understated way. The idea was to capture a scene that you might see on a calm winter’s morning, with the grass in the foreground, the tree devoid of leaves and a thin layer of fog hanging in the air. There are countless details made both by the talented hand of our artist and the unique process behind fused glass art, making sure that there’s so much to see in this piece. You could look for hours, and still find new things to appreciate about the glass!

As you can see from the images in this blog post, the piece looks absolutely fantastic now that it’s been put in place. We’re confident that the piece will always have a place in the kitchen, and we’re equally sure that it’ll be a centrepiece of the room for a long time to come. What about you? Do you think that the piece complements the kitchen perfectly? What would your very own splashback look like if you wanted to design one for your own home?

Getting your hands on a piece of our bespoke fused glass art has never been easier, so make sure you don’t wait to come and see what we here at The House of Ugly Fish could do for you today! Whether you’re aiming to get a kitchen splashback with an unusual Tree of Life design like this one, or something else entirely, we’re here to create something bespoke that you’ll always cherish. You can reach us by dropping us an email or by simply picking up the phone and giving us a call.