This is an image of a piece of fused glass art that we created very recently, so it should come as no surprise that we’re keen to show it off! It’s a stunning splashback made with a very specific image in mind…

All of the glass we create can be made fully bespoke, and this piece in particular was definitely no exception to the rule. They asked Lisa to recreate a view from their apartment in France, and the result is as pictured above. We think it’s a perfect depiction of an ideal view, translated to the medium of glass through the use of precise artistry, vivid colours and strong contrast. Deep orange hues paint a dramatic sky hanging over a scenic and calm coastal landscape. The end result turned out to be stunning, hopefully just as much as the actual view.

This is only one example of the kind of images we’re able to bring to life, however. Your very own piece of fused glass art could look as completely different, or as similar to this one as you’d like. Your imagination truly is the limit, so simply let us know all about what your ideal design looks like and we’ll work with you to ensure it finds a place in your home. If that sounds like just the thing for you, well, you know where to find us!

Here at The House of Ugly Fish, creating bespoke fused glass art has been our speciality for a long time now, and we reckon that we’ve become pretty good at it! You don’t have to take just our word for it, however, as we’ve got a tremendously long list of satisfied customers who’d be more than willing to testify to that. If you’d like to add yourself to that list, you can find our full details right here on our website. Make sure you don’t hesitate to get in touch! It’s as easy as picking up the phone to discuss what we could do for you, or simply dropping us an online enquiry via email. We look forward to helping you find exactly what you’ve been looking for.