Freshly created and delivered to a home in Ewell, Surrey, this gorgeous bespoke glass splashback is a piece of fused glass art that literally makes a big splash in the kitchen. The concept behind the piece, or the idea that started it all, was the customer’s own. Lisa worked closely with the customer to realise the idea that the glass would look like a splash of water, creating the outcome that they were looking for. After going through a few concepts and revisions, we ended up with the stunning final result you see pictured above.

A huge variety of different colours work together and tie in with the rest of the kitchen, complementing different aspects of the décor. You should be able to spot greens, blues, coppers, amber shades and much more held within the central splash, alongside a tremendous amount of texture. It all comes together to make for a truly jaw dropping piece of glass.

There are plenty of subtle details to be found if you lean into the glass and look closely, as all of the different layers of glass work together to create a great feeling of depth, and a whole array of visual effects. It’s a true artisan piece that you could get lost in for a while, which we’re sure friends, family and guests of all kinds certainly will find themselves doing. A big success for us!

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