Now here’s a gorgeous piece of glass that we’re more than proud to show off for today’s blog. We believe in starting the week right, after all, so one of our fully bespoke artisan glass splashbacks should hopefully brighten up your Monday! The idea for this particular piece came about when the customer saw a similar piece on the portfolio and thought that something just like it would suit his own kitchen perfectly. He took full advantage of our fully bespoke process, however, introducing some changes of his own.

To make sure that the glass would make for an absolutely perfect match, he requested that the piece have a handful of colours integrated into the piece, but only subtly as to keep the neutrality of the palette intact. Lisa fulfilled the request by incorporating shades of blue and olive green, with a bold stripe of orange running horizontally from left to right. We love how it complements the décor of the kitchen while also standing out in its own right!

The end result, as we’re sure you’ll agree, is truly spectacular. It ties in perfectly with the colours of the kitchen décor surrounding it, and no-one can argue what the centrepiece of this particular space is!

Next time you find yourself in the market for gorgeous artisan glass splashbacks or fused glass art pieces in any shape or style, make sure that The House of Ugly Fish is your first port of call. With our fully bespoke process, every piece of fused glass art we create for you is guaranteed to make for a perfect fit in your home. You can find our full contact details right here on our website, alongside a full portfolio of completed works full of gorgeous pieces that are sure to inspire you and show you all of the many possibilities of fused glass art.