This particular piece of fused glass art found its way to a very interesting location, as it was delivered to customers in Stein, on the Isle of Skye. Not only is Stein home to some of the most stunning highland views, but it also houses the isle’s oldest pub! The Stein Inn has its roots in the 18th-century, making it a truly historic establishment and a must visit location for anyone passing through.

Naturally, with the breathtaking natural scenery to compete with, we would definitely need to bring some truly lovely fused glass art – so, that’s exactly what we did!

This photo by Paul perfectly captures the spectacular beauty of Skye.

As pictured above, the design of the glass took on the shape of a window that links the kitchen and the entrance hall, with a very warm palette of orange, gold and yellow. If you look closely, you should be able to see the houses on the closest shore, revealing that the panel is indeed a vivid interpretation of the scenery surrounding the house. A wide variety of brown hues carve out and create the land, running along the bottom of the piece and rising high across the distant horizon.

We absolutely love how the light interacts with this piece, with the translucent nature of the panel allowing the glass to glow in a gorgeous and natural way.

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