Seeing Black and White

Here’s one of our most recent glass splashbacks, created for a home in High Legh, Cheshire. We just had to show it off in today’s blog, as it’s the perfect piece to showcase how much you can do with fused glass when you’re looking to have a less colourful [...]

Sunset in Tickhill

This very lovely looking, almost panoramic splashback very recently found a home in Tickhill, Doncaster. We absolutely loved the way that it looked when the end result was installed, so needless to say, we had to make a blog post about it. The design features a wide spectrum of [...]

Fused Glass Seaside

This lovely splashback in Meriden was requested by a client who had seen a piece we’d done before and wanted something just like it, albeit with some unique little additions. It’s comprised of three fused glass art panels that work seamlessly together, with one central splashback and two surrounding [...]

A Wavy Dalaman in Doncaster

Here’s a very recent piece of ours that was delivered to Bawtry, Doncaster, and fitted in a very slick and stylish kitchen which made for the perfect home. It’s an interesting combination of both a Dalaman kitchen splashback and a curving wave, featuring the bold vertical strokes of the [...]

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Waving You Into a Very Welcoming Kitchen

This fused glass art was delivered to Romford, Essex, where it soon found a home inside of a gorgeously sleek kitchen. As you may be able to tell from the image above, the room was styled in a very modern way, with clean lines and strong contrast to be [...]

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Colourful Flames for the Home

As featured in a beautiful home in Hightown, Hampshire, this particular fused glass art kitchen splashback is one that demands attention in all the right ways. The design is definitely a bold one, with bright hues of all kinds working together to create a vibrant sight. Streaks of colour [...]

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Flow Like Fused Glass Art

There’s no mistaking this piece for a simple coloured glass splashback! Take a look at how the colours mix together, and you should have a good idea about why we decided to feature this beautiful fused glass panel for today’s blog post! Created for a client of ours in [...]

A Seaside Scene In A Splashback

This fused glass art splashback was done for a client in the scenic seaside town of Lyme Regis. It’s a pretty grand affair, measuring in at about 2.3 metres by 1 metre, so we thought we’d just have to put it here on our blog. What’s more, we thought [...]