Fused Glass… Art?

Is fused glass art design, or is it truly art in its own right? Can you call our bespoke glass splashbacks original works? We get the same sort of questions time and time again, so we thought a blog would make for a good chance to look into it [...]

A Tree for the Wall

When it comes to having glass installed in the kitchen, most people generally tend to think of splashbacks as their first choice. We can’t argue, either, as a well placed piece of glass behind the cooker can have an absolutely stunning effect that leaves your kitchen looking completely transformed. [...]

Divide Inside

Here’s another brand new piece of fused glass art for your eyes to feast on, fresh off of the kiln and newly installed in a home in Ardrossan, North Ayrshire. We thought we’d shine the spotlight on it for today’s blog, as it perfectly showcases how our bespoke design [...]

The Perfect Match

These two beautiful pieces of fused glass wall art are now safely settled in at a home in Congleton, Cheshire, but they could originally be found in our showroom. They were part of our available stock, waiting on the wall to find a new home, when they caught the [...]

Another Marvellous Mug

The creative science behind fused glass art design is always branching out and taking entirely new forms, with an incredibly innovative artist in our workshop who’s always on the lookout for unique and innovative ways to bring our unique flair to more and more products. One of those products [...]

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