Accessible Accessories

Is your home one that’s in dire need of new decorations? Do you have a certain room or space in the home that could really do with a certain something to help complete a theme? Maybe you’re just the kind of person that’s never truly done decorating the home [...]

Fuse Your Splashbacks!

Whether you’re talking about fused glass splashbacks or coloured glass splashbacks, it’s an undeniable fact that splashbacks are revolutionising the way we think about decorating the home. From bathrooms to kitchens, there’s a huge potential for gorgeous panels that add that certain something that normal tiling just wouldn’t quite [...]

The Flexibility of Fused Glass Art

Our fused glass art is incredibly flexible, and that’s a fact that all of our customers know. It’s very versatile primarily because of the fact we can create pieces that are fully bespoke. No matter what you’re interested in, or what you end up ordering from us, you can [...]