This stunning bespoke fused glass splashback found a home in Lymm, Warrington. It’s a classic design of ours called a Tree of Life, and this one is a perfect example of a tree that’s truly come to life with the help of a wide range of personalisations and bespoke features. Today, we thought we’d close the week off by showing it off here on our blog. There’s definitely much to talk about.

First, the colours. As the kitchen was a desaturated and neutral space, the primary colour used in the background of the design would be a similarly neutral stone colour. This perfectly complemented the cupboards overhead, which also tied in with the brown colour of the wood on the tree. And then there’s a wide variety of colours scattered all around the piece which serve to inject a huge amount of life into the splashback, especially within each of the hand-cut leaves.


The splashback features a variety of personalisations that make the design unique to the customer. From the colours used to the rendition of the customer’s pet, nobody else can say they have a piece like this in their own home.


There’s a lot of natural life on show, which really fits in with the theme of the design. From the leaves and branches reaching outwards to fill the space behind the cooker, all the way to the long grass and wildflowers growing at the bottom of the piece, you’ll always be finding something new every time you look at this piece. A bee and a butterfly can be seen fluttering about, too, finishing off the effect.

What do you think? We absolutely love the final result, especially with the accent lighting overhead. You might also notice that the splashback is made up of three perfectly sized panels that join together as one design. Since our process is completely bespoke, we are always able to do this for just about any space.

If you’re thinking of getting your hands on a piece of fused glass art just like this, what’s keeping you? Every single one of the fused glass kitchen splashbacks we create is a bespoke piece of art made from a completely blank canvas, which is exactly why we’re more than able to personalise and shape each one to match any space you have in mind. You can find our full contact details here on our website, so don’t be shy! Pick up the phone or drop us an email as soon as you can.