If you’re talking about bespoke glass splashbacks, chances are you’ll have heard of the Tree of Life. It’s our most recognisable design, and it proves endlessly popular with customers both new and old. It only makes sense to make a blog post about it!

When it comes to a Tree of Life design, it should go without saying that it’s the tree itself and all of its many features that take centre stage. The trunk usually marks the centreline of the piece, and it’s typically created with bold lines drawn onto the top layer. From there, powders and solid colours can be used to create texture for the tree, bringing in any level of realism from the ultra stylised to the photo perfect. Sometimes, the colour of the trunk is omitted and only the lines remain. This approach allows the background to shine, which is more important than you might think!

Fused Glass Art Online Sale Piece Leaves
Bubbles often form between the glass layers, forming unique patterns.

As with all of the fused glass designs you’ll find on our website and in our completed portfolio of work, there’s a ton of texture and detail to be found in even the most simple background work. Pictured here on the left, bubbles and grains can be seen throughout the glass, giving it that signature look that our art is known for.

Last but not least come the leaves that adorn the tree, a must-have detail to complete that naturalist look. Each single leaf on a Tree of Life is cut by hand and individually picked out of a wide range of colours, often contrasting, complimenting or outright matching the background that the design is created on. When you then add in a little or a lot of customisation from the customer, with family pets and all sorts of animals often making appearances around the base of the tree or in the grass, you have a recipe for a truly timeless design.

Here at The House of Ugly Fish, we’d love nothing more than to see your perfect decoration come to life in the form of one of our bespoke glass splashbacks, but we’re more than able to create glass panels to go anywhere in the house. Whether you’re looking to put a Tree of Life behind the cooker, or you’d prefer to go down a different route with the design, our in-house team is ready and waiting to get started. Make sure you don’t wait to pick up the phone or drop us an email with your best ideas.