For anyone who has ever moved into a new home or completely redecorated their existing one, they’ll know that it can be a tricky and stressful job to do. Buying, collecting and displaying your home accessories, artwork and furniture is almost like building a jigsaw; trying to fit all the pieces together.

It can be hard to commit to a piece for your home as you often think you might see something you like better at a later date, but that’s not the only obstacle you face. Trying to buy a range of different home decorative accessories, which all complement each other and that are all within your budget, colour scheme and general style of your new space, can have you ripping your hair out.

Without committing to one piece you can be stuck in a kind of design limbo but, according to design guides, the first piece you should buy is your wall art and it’s often the hardest thing to choose. This is because you then have to build your room around your chosen piece of artwork which is a daunting task. What if you change your mind? What if you can’t find anything to complement the piece?

fused glass art

Well, The House of Ugly Fish is here to save the day, not to mention your stress levels! Choosing to have a bespoke piece of fused glass art made instead of scouring the home and art stores can save you a lot of time, money and indecisiveness.

The great thing about commissioning your own piece is that it can be completely unique and personal to you. It also means that you can throw out the design handbook and complete your redecoration, accessories and all, before you get your main artwork. Why? Well, like we said, we can create your piece of fused glass art exactly to your design specifications. Which means you won’t have to search high and low for a suitable piece. You can tell us the colours and designs you want and we can incorporate that into the fused glass art. You can even give us a few home accessories to work off! It’s the final piece of the puzzle!