We often get asked how we create our glass splashbacks in Manchester. We don’t mind the actual process of the glass work, but more how we come up with our designs. And to that we always say – it’s entirely down to the client!

Every client is different and they can have as much involvement as they like in the design process. Some people come to us wanting a glass splashback or piece of fused glass art that reminds them of something they love; such as a memorable holiday or just one specific image. Whatever it may be we can capture it when we make our glass splashbacks in Manchester.

Sometimes, clients request names or the names of their pets in a piece. Having names incorporated into the design is particularly popular with the tree of life splashbacks. We frequently get asked to put some symbolic elements into the trees for that extra special, personal touch.

It’s this extremely bespoke and personal touch that we love creating here at The House of Ugly Fish and it’s so rewarding to see such happy and satisfied clients. We think it’s one of the reasons we’ve continued to be successful and why we’re still creating glass splashbacks in Manchester after all these years.

glass splashbacks in Manchester

They say variety is the spice of life and we couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing better than having personal works of art in your home. If you’re interested in glass splashbacks in Manchester then please don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out more information on our work.