It’s a great feeling when a client wants one of your fused glass art panels so much that they fly half way around the world! A client who lives in the sunshine state that is Florida wanted one of our panels and came all the way to our showroom here in Manchester.

The fused glass art they chose comprised of three sculptured wave panels, laid out in a triptych style and the way they are sit on the wall makes them seem like they’re floating in thin air! The fused glass art matches the room in a way that other, more traditional forms of artwork could never fully accomplish.

When the Florida sunshine streams through that huge window, the fused glass art is in the perfect position for the light to hit it and create a dazzling display, bringing the piece of art to life and throwing light across the room.

This is why people are willing to go the extra mile for a piece of fused glass art, rather than a more traditional piece of artwork such as a canvas or a painting. You get more out of fused glass art than you do than other displays and you get a completely complementary piece for your home.

If you’re interested in some unique fused glass art then take a look around our website for more examples of our work.