Like the look of stained glass windows? Then our glass art, bespoke windows may just be the thing you need. Now that the weather is perking up – yes the sun has finally started to rear its shy little head – it’s the perfect time to get that stained glass windows effect you’ve always wanted.

Here at House of Ugly Fish, we can create fused glass art pieces that can be used as panels for both windows and doors. We use a completely different technique to stained glass windows, but we’ve had many clients who have initially wanted stained glass windows but have ended up with one of our glass bespoke windows and absolutely love it.

stained glass windows

We mentioned earlier that now is the perfect time to create your own stained glass windows and that’s because when light shines through the glass, the result is so beautiful. Light really makes the panels come alive and often send an array of exciting colours around your room. They look especially beautiful in kitchens and bathrooms, but you can have them in any room you like – so long as it gets light.

We can create your bespoke windows to any shape or size depending on your requirements – after all they are bespoke! We can also make the glass as transparent or opaque as you wish (bathrooms need to be more opaque obviously) and there also laminating, double and triple glazing options. Previous clients have also used the stained glass windows effects for internal windows, room dividers and shower screens. What are you waiting for?