We’re always travelling up and down the country in the name of fused glass art! Many of our customers greatly appreciate the lengths we go to when proving home consultations, where we’ll come on down to a property to have a look at where the glass piece in question will go and also discuss the colours, design and more. With a very wide base of customers, there’s just no telling where the next one will be. We can tell you where a recent one was, though, and we think it’s a particularly interesting location worth mentioning.

You might not have heard of Goathland before, a beautiful village and parish sitting quietly in North Yorkshire, but there’s a bigger chance that you’ve seen it on TV before. Do you remember the TV series Heartbeat? We certainly do!

Goathland is famous for being the fictional village of Aidensfield, and that’s exactly where we were headed for a recent house consultation. The customer’s home was nearby, and we thought that it’d definitely make for a worthwhile trip to see all of the famous buildings. Naturally, we got snaps of the garage and funeral directors, and we just couldn’t leave without a photo of the Aidensfield Arms pub – though don’t be fooled by the sign, it’s actually named the Goathland Hotel outside of the series!

We’re happy to report that the home consultation went well, and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the sights that the location had to offer. On to the next ones now, and who knows, we might just be knocking on your door next to discuss where you want your brand new piece of fused glass art to go. Give us a ring, and let’s have a chat.

Here at The House of Ugly Fish, we’re always excited to visit new locations and beautiful homes, but we’re just as excited to create the pieces of beautiful fused glass art that go in them. If you feel as if our bespoke touch is exactly the thing to breathe life into your house or garden, make sure you don’t wait to get in contact. You can reach us by phone and email for a house consultation or for a discussion about your ideal fused glass art, so don’t hesitate to do just that!