This gorgeously grand number was created for a home in Helensburgh, Argyll. It’s a panel which is considerably larger than most bespoke glass art splashbacks we make. That presented its own unique challenges, but also made for an incredibly rewarding experience. This piece absolutely had to make it onto our blog, so we thought we’d say a little bit about it.

We’ll start with the design!

You might recognise the flowers in the piece as being thistles, represented here by a beautiful, abstract design. The customer was influenced by a picture that she had seen, and wanted something just like it to adorn the panel. This formed the basis for the design, but the composition had to be altered in order to better work around the pipe protruding from the cooker. Lisa was happy to make the changes, and soon got underway.

There’s an absolutely gorgeous mix of colours to be seen in the glass, with multiple layers of colour creating a deep and very soft effect. Grey, white and purple shades all come together to bring everything to life, while metallic silver accents ensure that the piece shines in all the right places. We love the way that the lighting in the kitchen colours the atmosphere with a warm tone, helping to bring out all of the best aspects of the design.

The end result, pictured above, made all the blood, sweat and tears worthwhile. Hopefully, the next big success that we create will be a piece of fused glass art destined for your own home!

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