We recently did a piece for two new clients in New Forest, Hampshire. The clients were extremely pleased with their vibrant piece, and told us how amazing it was that they couldn’t stop looking at it! Hopefully their guests have the same reaction, and we’re sure they will. The fiery wave design of the piece complements the entire kitchen and highlights the colours of the piece. As the centrepiece of the kitchen, the splashback will bring smiles to any that enter the house and to the family, every time they spend time in their beautiful kitchen. Of course, the glass art reflects the personalities of the owners, and we think that such a fiery piece shows passion, be it in cooking or whatever art the owner wishes to pursue.

Many find that they cannot put the images in their heads onto a canvas, or place their thoughts into a piece of art. With the House of Ugly Fish, we do away with the physical limitations of buying premade furniture and artworks. We provide a bespoke service that allows the consumer to have their input, and final say into what goes into their fused glass art or glass splashbacks. The end result means something absolutely beautiful and equally as sentimental for the owner, as it means something personal. Family members or different aspects of a personality; it can all be placed into a piece of art. In the colours, the shape or even where it is placed! The possibilities are endless.

If you feel as if you could benefit from a bespoke art service, there’s no need to limit yourself to manufacturers and big stores. A piece of premade art can stay with you for a year, but a piece of art filled with your input and memories can last a lifetime. If you are looking for a similar commission of fused glass art that communicates a style you enjoy, our glass splashbacks are available in a variety of styles and colours. Contact us for more information.