The design of this gorgeous wall art from Swindon, Wiltshire is comprised of three matching bespoke fused glass panels. It was actually sold as part of our sale, but it fits the space so beautifully that we wouldn’t blame you for thinking it was a completely original commission piece. Not only that, but it’s the second of two sale pieces in the same home! You can find the other posted just yesterday.

In this triptych, a wide palette of colours come together and contrast in equal measure, resulting in an extremely vivid picture. We love the way that all the shades work towards a very lively and almost tropical look, with everything from red and orange all the way to cooler green and blue hues standing out in both background and foreground.

So how was the design created? First, a base background on the bottom layer of the glass was laid down and created from powder. This required a soft blend between all of the different colours, with wide gradients ensuring that each different shade smoothly transitioned into the next. Next, to create the foreground, pieces were added to the top layer of the glass. These pieces were created from a huge variety of individual shards which contrast and complement the existing colours underneath. In some places they match, and in others, opposites are paired up instead.

If you’re looking to brighten up your home with the addition of one of our bespoke fused glass panels, like the wall art installation featured in this blog, why not stop by the sale section of our website next time we have an event on? Or, of course, if you’d like to have something created completely from scratch, based on your own kitchen and perfectly personalised to match the space you have in mind, we’d be able to do that for you as well. Your imagination is truly the limit, so why not pick up the phone or drop us an email as soon as you can?