Created for a kitchen in Mere, Cheshire, and a beautiful home that were happy to have the chance to visit, this particular fused glass installation is a perfect example of how creative you can be with our work. Take a good look at the image above, as there’s a lot of subtle detailing that you might miss at first glance!

There are three panels making up the main feature, each featuring a variation on our ever-popular tree of life design. Gorgeous shades of lilac with darker purple accents and countless details bring the pieces to life, with complementary colours and textures provided by the leaves of the trees. As the styling of the kitchen is very neutral, we made sure that the even the most colourful aspects of the glass would complement everything perfectly. Looking back on it now, we think we did a very good job!

There’s also grass lining the bottom of the three panels and extending around the edges of the kitchen. Not only does it create a wonderful border for the pieces, it also ensures there’s a strong, consistent theme to the décor that just can’t be matched. We absolutely love what the customer created here, and we were especially happy to see how it looked when the light shone over all the glass.

With panels cut to match the exact spaces of the kitchen and a seamless installation overall, there’s a definite wow factor to this kitchen now! It’s sure to be a focal point of the room for a long time to come.

Here at The House of Ugly Fish, making one of a kind fused glass art that’s personalised just for you is our speciality. We’ve been creating the very finest bespoke glass splashbacks Cheshire-wide and beyond for a long time now, but we’re definitely not stopping any time soon. Make sure you don’t wait to get in touch as soon as you can!