Today’s feature isn’t a kitchen splashback, but a set of unique  glass wall art pieces that definitely make a huge impact just like one.  As you should be able to see from the image above, the designs of each piece perfectly match each other, although they’re definitely not identical. If you look closely, you’ll be able to tell that each design flows into the next one, and that if you were to connect them up it’d make a near seamless fused glass art piece!

Burning oranges and deep red hues come together with bold black strokes and white highlights, utilising contrast to make a statement. We love how clean and clearly defined the pieces are as a result. It’s a style that definitely matches and brightens the otherwise neutral décor of the room.

One other thing we love about these pieces is their unusual shape and how great they look once placed together. They really add a one of a kind touch to the room in which they comfortably sit, showing why fused glass art is a great choice for any space. If you’re not already convinced that we could do the same thing for your home, then feel free to take a look through our full portfolio of work right here on our website. You’re sure to find something that inspires you!

Here at The House of Ugly Fish, creating bespoke glass art that’s unique and personalised is what we do best! If you’d love to put something just like the piece you see above in your home, or any other bespoke piece of glass, make sure you don’t wait to pick up the phone and get in touch! You can also drop us an email just as easily, so there’s really no reason to wait if you’ve got a great idea for a fused glass art design that you want to see in your home.