We love Christmas here at The House of Ugly Fish, so we’re very glad that it’s finally that time of year again. And needless to say, of course, with all the talk of gift giving, generosity and presents in the air, it should come as no surprise that our annual fused glass art sale is continuing to the end of the year. There’s a little bit of time left until the big day, and until then, there are savings to be found left right and centre. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to check the sale section on our website – there might be something special waiting just for you!

You can also feel free to pop down to our showroom any time you like, as we have a huge assortment of sale pieces on display, just waiting to find a new home. It’s always a real treat to see our glass in person, as it gives you the opportunity to see all the details and intricacies of our fused glass art designs up close. You’ll definitely get a much better sense of how the glass will look in your home and what the impact of bespoke glass is all about, something that you can’t always necessarily do online.

Not only do photographs fail to do the depth of our designs justice, but the texture and feel of fused glass art is something that you definitely can only experience when you view the glass in person, or when you have the piece in front of you and within your grasp.

You’ll be able to go over and trace every contour of the glass, and see how even the slightest detail in the design can change the landscape. It may even inspire ideas for your own piece, especially if you’re looking to experiment with texture or layer pieces to create a 3D effect. Compared to more traditional forms of artwork, we guarantee that the possibilities of fused glass art are nothing like anything you’ve ever seen before!

There’s time to take advantage of our incredible fused glass art sale all month, so it’s definitely not too late to have a look and see what’s ready to be snatched up. If you can’t make it down to our showroom in person, everything on display will also be featured in the sale section of our website. Let us know if anything catches your fancy! You can find our full contact details right here on our website, including where to find us. There’s never been a better time to get in touch, so go right ahead! We look forward to hearing from you soon.