This beautiful bespoke fused glass art splashback found a home in Taunton, Somerset. You may recognise the design as a twist on our classic Dalaman style, although we guarantee you won’t have ever seen a piece that looks quite like this one. It all begins with the background, of course, as it’s the base on which the entire design is created. Lisa put down a solid layer of stone coloured powder to create it, making sure to mix in a slightly warm tone as to make the bespoke glass panel better match and complement the modern wood décor of the kitchen.

You might not have noticed, but two smaller panels on either side of the central splashback continue the design underneath the cabinets, creating a seamlessly look that looks a lot more like one single panel than it does three separate ones!

That’s a great example of how we can fit our fused glass art into even the most awkward spaces, as we can always find a way to shape the design or cut shapes out of the glass in order to help them seamlessly fit around wall sockets, pipes and other obstructions. Your kitchen could look this fantastic, you just need to tell us all about the space you have in mind and the ideas you have for the perfect panel.

If you’re looking to put a beautifully bespoke glass panel in your very own home, whether it be behind the cooker or mounted on the wall, The House of Ugly Fish should be your first port of call. We specialise in the creation of incredible pieces of glass art, with a tremendous range of products. Take a look at our full portfolio of completed work and all of the pieces that we take along with us to shows up and down the country, and you’ll see that your imagination really is the only limit. Give us a call!