This incredible glass wall art triptych is currently hanging in our showroom, so it’s a sight that we’re greeted with every time we come into work, and it’s a lovely piece that visitors can see as they browse through our many displayed pieces. We thought we’d broadcast it to a wider audience, however, by featuring it as the central focus of today’s blog!

Obviously, the first thing to notice is the sheer size of the glass. It’s a mighty sight, comprised of three separate panels that measure well over a meter each way when you put them all together. Larger pieces like this definitely demand all the right kinds of attention and make a big impression wherever you decide to put them.

The design definitely does the size justice, though! The background is divided into three distinctive bands of colour, which blend into each other where they meet and mix together. From top to bottom, those colours are blue for the sky and clouds, bright orange and yellow for the sunset, and a whole range of greens for the grass. Intricately intertwining lines make up the trunk of the tree, forming the branches and finally ending in thin points to create the finest twigs.

The leaves sprouting forth from the branches are an exciting mix of colours, too, with an incredibly wide palette of hues and vivid shades bringing the entire scene to life. They’re a key feature of the Tree of Life design, so it’s great to see them standing out so much.

Whether you’d love to put a piece just like this one in your home, or you’d really like to come on down and have a look at our showroom, The House of Ugly Fish is dying to hear from you. There’s never been a better time to invest in glass wall art and the many other kinds of bespoke fused glass products we have for sale, so we’re having a lot of fun creating piece after piece for customers both new and old. Why not give us a call, or drop us an email using the full details found on our contact page? We’ll always be more than happy to discuss how our glass could work for you.