– And other frequently asked questions!

For the record, yes our fused glass art can be used outdoors, however for safety reasons we advise lamination. Here are some other questions we get asked quite a lot relating to our products. Don’t worry if your question isn’t here, we’re only a phone call or email away, or you can probably find the information on our website.

Will the colour fade if I hang the glass in a conservatory?

There are no fading or warping issues with our fused glass art so it can be placed in direct sunlight with no adverse effects. We ship our fused glass art pieces all over the world – so it’s been tried and tested.

Are the glass panels toughened?

No, and there’s no need to unless safety is an issue. Every one of our fused glass art pieces is delivered with a safety backing already applied so they don’t splinter, shatter or break.

fused glass art

 What is the largest size piece The House of Ugly Fish can create?

Really the sky is the limit! We can create huge installations by making them in separate glass sections and installing with clean joins. However, for a single piece the largest we can do is 2600 x 1800mm.

Can our fused glass be used in external windows?

Yes, translucent or transparent glass works very well in windows. For external windows, fused glass panels can be either beaded in front of an existing window or as part of a double or triple glazed unit. We get many people coming to us looking for stained glass windows who end up with our fused glass art instead!