Here at the House of Ugly Fish, we strive to create unique, one-of-a-kind fused glass art that cannot be found elsewhere. As such, we strive to find originality in whatever we create. Recently we read an article in the news about a Senegalese man, named Amadou Fatoumata Ba, who creates unique work from tyres. His usage and presentation of unconventional materials shows the mark of a true artist. With the old rubber that he scavenges from tyres, he uses his hands to manipulate the odd materials into different, unique works of art. Outside his house, he places three gigantic sculptures in separate poses and they brighten up the street with their presence. Amadou stated that ‘at sunset [his] artist life begins. That is when I start creating art.’ Earlier this year his work was showcased at the biennial arts festival at Dakar, and several of his statues have a permanent place at a museum in Saly, a city on the coast not far from the Senegalese capital.

At the House of Ugly Fish, we’d like to applaud Amadou on his creativity and artistry. Similarly in our own works our aim is to create unique, bespoke fused glass art, and we believe this is a somewhat original décor choice to have compared to the traditional paintings that some may hang on their walls. However, there is a statement to be made in choosing the unique, bespoke style of our glass splashbacks. Besides having your own input in the design process, owners of Villarospo glass artwork can proudly say that they have a fully unique piece of glass art.

Now, we can’t say that we do tyre art here at the House of Ugly Fish, but our fused glass wall art products including our glass splashbacks are created with the same unique touch. Each of our coloured, bespoke, fused glass products are made with the input of the customer in mind. If you have a vision of a piece that you’ve wanted to have on your wall, call us or visit our site and we’ll see if we can turn your vision into reality!