Here at the House of Ugly Fish we care about creating beautiful pieces of art. This includes reproducing many pieces and echoing the styles of many artists. In particular, the best pieces are those that are inspired by the designs of great artists. We recently have created three beautiful pieces that demonstrate the beauty in variety that we are capable of creating. As commission pieces, each one was personal to each client.

Our first client wished for a piece to be done in the style of Pablo Picasso, with many colours making up the artwork. Picasso is widely regarded by many to be one of the most known Spanish painters of the contemporary period. His artwork is renowned internationally and the man himself as a creator, co-influencing the Cubist movement, the invention of the collage and a variety of styles that can be traced back to the man. Lisa tried to mimic his style in her work and we think it came out great, and we hope our client in Spain loves it!

Of course, Van Gogh would be insulted if we did not mention our recent piece, which featured his unique blend of style and colour. The rough beauty of the piece is unmatched in its bold colours, and echoes the style of the great man whom every artist appreciates as one of the great artists of the 20th Century.

Other pieces that we recently have done include our Lowry piece done for a client in Manchester. The piece is well contrasted to the Picasso work of art, featuring more neutral colours rather than the variety of colours used in Lisa’s Spanish piece. If you’re looking for a piece of fused glass art that resembles a style you like greatly, the House of Ugly Fish creates glass splashbacks that are made to astound and awe. Make the centrepiece of your home truly great and contact us today for more information.

lowry spain