Here’s a recent work of ours that definitely deserves the spotlight. This very exciting fused glass art was created for a client of ours in Spey Bay, Scotland. As you may be able to tell, it’s not just a design that’s contained on a single panel, but rather a full installation that makes use of space to create a stunning sight. The glass wraps around the entire kitchen, providing an incredible injection of colour and bringing the décor of the room to life like nothing else would be able to.

The wave design itself utilises a full range of blues as deep as the sea, softly mixing and blending as they flow from panel to panel. It looks just like the currents of an ocean, surging forth and rolling with the tide. A final grand wall panel completes the flow of the design, bringing the dynamic nature of the art to life. Here, the surging water crests into waves that crash excitingly, with even more colours and lighter highlights truly bringing the scene to life. You may also have spotted the lights sitting above the glass, which work well to bring the panels to life and help them glow no matter what the time of day.

Naturally, we’re extremely satisfied with how everything turned out, and the client was over the moon with the work. The finished product truly creates a strong and unmissable theme in the room, standing out against the clean lines of the modern décor. It really shows how multiple panels of glass can add an entirely new dimension to your kitchen – or any room in the house, for that matter!

If you’ve got your own incredible ideas for an installation, splashback, or even for something smaller such as a decorative bowl, we’d love to hear all about them! Make sure you don’t miss out on something special here at The House of Ugly Fish. Our bespoke fused glass art is always waiting to find the perfect place in your home, and our team is always at the ready to produce something you’ll always cherish. What’s more, getting in touch has never been easier, so pick up the phone or drop us an email as soon as you can. We hope to hear from you shortly!