This piece of stunning, very unique wall art sits today in a home in Gatley, Cheshire. We thought we’d take the chance to share a few words about it, as it’s definitely one of the most interesting pieces of fused glass art we’ve created and could very likely inspire others just like it. Or so we hope!

Just one look at this unique piece of glass should tell you why it got sold so fast. When the client that came to own this gorgeous piece first saw it at one of our exhibitions, they decided straight away that they wanted to buy it! It features a very neutral tone overall, utilising a monochromatic colour scheme of black, white and kinds of greys in between. The design is intricately detailed and accented with different shades of grey, highlighted with small mini-designs on the top of the glass and beautiful lines that help everything stand out.

It’s geometry that’s this piece’s selling point, however, as you’ve probably already noticed. The individual squares of the installation rise from the wall, overlapping in places and sitting at different heights to create a stunning effect. When you add in the cleverly placed lighting behind the panel, the attention grabbing factor only rises – especially after dark!

We here at The House of Ugly Fish are always looking for the next chance to create something special for you, so why not go all the way and get in touch with our team? Whether you’re looking for a grand three dimensional wall installation like this one, or something a little more compact, there’s nothing we can’t create for you when it comes to our bespoke fused glass art. Make sure you don’t wait to get in contact as soon as you can, and hopefully we’ll be starting on your very own bespoke piece of fused glass art very soon!