Here’s the latest fused glass wall art from The House of Ugly Fish, delivered to a lovely home in Felixstowe, Suffolk. It’s created from a warmer earth-coloured palette, combined with a healthy dose of contrast. Bold black lines and bright grey sections complete the look nicely, and the whole installation looks great in situ. It’s definitely something that no-one else can say they have in their home.

The three pieces feature matching designs, although each is varied subtly and positioned to create a flow you can follow. Perhaps the most unique feature of the glass is the way that each of the three pieces has been cut in the shape of the flowing design. Each panel was slumped against a mould, giving them a three-dimensional geometric wave shape. That means that, as pictured left, the glass rises and falls away from the wall to further give each piece its own character.

We love the placement of the panels next to the fireplace, as the warm colours suit the atmosphere perfectly. The end result is an extremely cozy and welcoming space, especially when the evening comes and the fireplace is lit. The customer was extremely happy with the final result, and we’re confident that anyone who enters the room will have a hard time not turning their heads.

If you have a space on the wall that’d be perfect for something like this, well, now would be the time!

Unique pieces such as these are a joy to create and a very enjoyable challenge, so it should be no surprise that we’ll always welcome your most exciting ideas for fused glass wall art. Don’t worry if you’re thinking a little more conventionally, however, as we’re more than happy to accomodate anything from the classic to the traditional. Every piece of fused glass art features the same artisan craftsmanship, so you definitely won’t be losing out.