Hello again from The House of Ugly Fish. This stunningly scenic bespoke fused glass splashback is one of our favourite ever scenic pieces, so you just know we’re showing it off proudly on our blog to start the week in style.

This particular piece was so enjoyable to make because it was a scene with so much space to work with. That meant that we could create a wide panoramic view that made the back wall of the kitchen look just like a window into another world entirely. The customers had moved to Weymouth, Dorset, but wanted something that would bring their fond memories of North Yorkshire with them. They asked Lisa to create this scene, which encapsulates a classic Yorkshire landscape, complete with stone walls, sheep and lush trees on the hillside.

A huge variety of verdant green palettes come together to create the texture of the grass, hills and trees, with every detail lovingly brought to life. The closer you look, the more you should be able to spot!

Paul captured this shot while delivering the piece to Weymouth. It was a little foggy that day, but it gives a great idea of the view looking out over the surrounding area and towards the very famous shoreline – where you can see Chesil Beach!

So what do you think?

If this stunning panoramic fused glass splashback fills your mind with inspiration, and you suddenly feel like getting your very own bespoke piece of glass created for your home. The House of Ugly Fish is the number one name in the world of incredible fused glass art that you simply won’t find anywhere else. We can’t wait to hear from you, so get in touch as soon as you can. You can do that by picking up the phone or dropping us an email as soon as you can.