The piece pictured above was created for a client in Leeds, and it’s the main feature of today’s post. We just had to write a little bit about it, as it’s the perfect example of glass wall art doing what it does best.

For this particular job, we were the go-to people to dress up a blank wall in the living room. The wall was well illuminated, catching a lot of light from the outside, and while colour was probably a safe bet for the design of the piece, the client opted in for something altogether more subtle. As you can see, the colours utilised in the piece are neutral and created specifically to tie the room together. Both the main palette and the accents work to complement the modern décor of the room.

They decided to opt in for a sculptured wave design for the panels, bringing that all important textured 3D element to the piece, and the result is as pictured. Personally, we think it’s a pretty sublime looking installation that really dresses up the wall with clean lines and a simple, subtly elegant wave design. What do you think? Would you go for the same kind of design with different colours? Do you like the arrangement of the three panels but not the colours used?

If you’d love a piece just like the one featured in this blog, you’ll be happy to know that we’re ready and waiting to make it happen. We have a tremendous portfolio of panels that look just like it, plus an infinite number of possibilities for a completely bespoke piece of glass wall art made just for you. There’s nothing quite like fused glass art to provide everything you need and more in the way of a unique, one of a kind decoration, so make sure you don’t wait to get in contact as soon as you can.