Don’t worry we’re not going to start singing The Spice Girls, however much we might be tempted to! The title of our blog refers to our latest creation in the world of bespoke glass splashbacks; that we created for a client down in Bromley, Kent.

This particular client really liked two of our existing tree designs and wanted to incorporate parts of both of the glass splashbacks into one. Of course, this is the benefit of us providing bespoke glass splashbacks as we were able to take down everything the client wanted from the two designs and create another, completely unique piece. The result is the design below:

When 2 become 1

The blue background works well in the fairly neutral kitchen and the little pops of colour in the leaves really stand out. It’s quite a majestic piece and creates for quite the focal point in the room. We think it turned out rather well!

One of the things our clients love about us here at the House of Ugly Fish is that we provide a bespoke service. A lot of the time you can be searching for artwork or decorations for your home and you find something you like but it’s not completely suitable. It can be frustrating but the great thing about a bespoke service is that you can have a helping hand in creating your very own unique and personalised piece. Like our client in Kent you can choose designs, colours and styles from some of our other fused glass art and splashbacks to incorporate into your own piece or, you can design your own from scratch!

If you’d like to take advantage of our bespoke glass splashbacks service then please get in touch with us today to get started.