When people are enquiring about our fused glass art and kitchen splashbacks the three main areas we tend to talk about when explaining how our artwork differs from other traditional forms of art are as follows:

  • Completely bespoke service
  • Transparent quality that works well with light
  • Completely waterproof, UV proof and heat proof

One of the main benefits that people find with our fused glass art and kitchen splashbacks is that they can commission their own completely unique piece of art work for their home; something that won’t be found anywhere else. When buying traditional artwork there’s always the thought in the back of the mind that someone else has the piece hanging in their home and that makes it less special. Artwork should be personal and our fused glass art service allows you to collaborate with our artist Lisa on something 100% unique. You can choose the colours, patterns, designs and imagery that you want the fused glass to have.

fused glass art

Once you have your completed fused glass art piece, there is something else that can make it even more beautiful; light. Much like stained glass windows, when light shines through fused glass art, either if you are using it as a window panel or as a regular piece, there is a staggeringly beautiful effect given that makes you stare in wonderment. The light creates a stunning effect and you can watch the colours of your fused glass art dazzle across the room as the sun moves. It’s kind of like interactive art!

Usually, with traditional artwork, you must keep it out of direct sunlight, away from heat and where no moisture can affect it. However, our fused glass art isn’t affected by any of these factors which means you can position your fused glass art in places where you couldn’t normally hang traditional artwork i.e. in bathrooms, swimming pools, saunas, gyms and of course along with our kitchen splashbacks, the kitchen! These often neglected spaces can now be as decorated, bright and beautiful as the rest of the house.


For more information on our fused glass art and kitchen splashbacks take a look around our website or contact us today.