There’s a little bit of a debate here down at The House of Ugly Fish, and it’s to do with the original piece of glass wall art you see pictured above. We took a quick break from making unique kitchen splashbacks to sit down and have a think about this piece that Lisa created on a whim. Between all members of the team, we all have our own ideas about what the meaning behind the art might be! It’s a depiction of the company’s own black labrador, Finn, sat peacefully on the beach, but there’s a lot of ways to look at it.

Is he happy to be on the beach where he loves to be, and is just relaxing after a big run, or is there a hidden sadness that’s not immediately obvious? What’s keeping the dog away from the thing he loves most, the sea? We could go on forever – but we’re more interested in what you think this design is saying.

This piece was created for the Artist’s Choice collection, using the same techniques as our kitchen splashbacks, glass wall art panels and accessories, but Lisa introduced a unique twist. All the colour you see on the glass was created with powder, but an additional top layer of paint was actually used to give the piece a truly painted look. Lisa called on her experience working with traditional canvas to work beautiful brush strokes and intricate details into the artwork, and the result came out looking pretty stunning. We’re very happy with it, needless to say.

In typical tongue-in-cheek fashion, we’ve dubbed it “Wistful Nibs”.

We’ll be posting more pieces just like this one soon, so keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime, you can actually see this piece in person if you pay our Manchester workshop and showroom a visit. For those a little further away, we might just see you at one of the shows we regularly attend nationwide. We certainly hope to see you soon!

If you’d like to employ Lisa’s talents on a bespoke piece of fused glass art of your very own, we here at The House of Ugly Fish would be more than happy to oblige. We’re market leaders in the creation of utterly unique kitchen splashbacks, wall art panels, windows, accessories and more. There’s no better place to get your hands on a truly special, personalised decoration that no-one else can say they have in their home. All you need to do is pick up the phone or drop us an email as soon as you can!